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Few places in the wine world are as exciting as Sicily.
An island of vines since antiquity, and a vintner’s sun-drenched terroir dream, it has experienced a remarkable revolution toward quality wines in recent years, leaving behind the reputation of cheap bulk wines that once defined Sicily’s copious production.
Of the many favorable spots to grow grapes on Sicily, the most compelling district for me is the Etna DOC, in the shadow of Europe’s tallest — and very active — volcano. Endowed with rich volcanic soils, intense sunlight and cooling sea breezes and altitudes, the cinematic foothills of Etna produce some stunningly good wines from mostly local varieties, namely Nerello Mascalese (red) and Carricante (white).   Leggi articolo originale

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Vinicola Valenti was born in 2004 from the dream of Francesca, Giovanni ed Alessandro Valenti. The wine is the work of love for a land rich in art, literature, music and passion. This can be found in the Valenti wines tastes, smells ed emotions that inspired the Catania’s Great Masters. Tre wine cellar, like a phoenix, rising from the ashes of an old distillery, now abandoned for over 50 year, giving rise to a set of antiquity and modernity that makes it unique. The Company covers over 20 hectares.
Of which about 4 planted with olive trees which produce a higt quality extra virgin olive oil under the denomination.
Cantine Valenti has grown from an initial property of five hectares in 2004, to 20 today, 16 of which are under vine, solely with traditional Etna varieties — Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Grecanico.    leggi articolo originale


Giovanni Valenti


Quello che ha sempre orientato le mie azioni è stata la passione per il vino, soprattutto per il vino di qualità. Con questo spirito assieme ad Alessandro mio figlio, abbiamo intrapreso questa nuova sfida.

Iniziando a curare in prima persona la coltivazione dei terreni, facendo produrre il minimo indispensabile ed effettuando la potatura verde, accorgimenti che hanno permesso di elevare la qualità delle produzioni...”

Dr. Giovanni Valenti2

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